It's all
in your iPhone.

Forget the queues at the branch.
With buddybank, all you need is the app.

Zero fees.

Touch ID and Face ID payment authorization.

Free ordinary SEPA wire transfers.

Free withdrawals from all UniCredit Group ATMs across the world.

Free cash deposits in all UniCredit advanced ATMs.

Stamp duty as per current legislation.
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By your side,

Chat with me.
I'm always here for you.

April, 10 00:05

Help Buddy!
I'm in Barcelona and I’ve lost my card!

Don’t panic, I'm on it!

The buddybank Lifestyle Concierge service is offered at no additional cost to customers who have activated the buddybank love module and is provided by our specialized partner, Quintessentially Concierge srl.

May, 13 19:05

Hey Buddy! I’m on a first date tonight, where should I take her?😊

I already have somewhere in mind that’ll leave her speechless

And the cards!

The fee-less debit card for Urban Warriors.
Perfect for offline and online purchases in complete security.

The World Elite credit card, with exclusive access to over 1,000 VIP lounges in airports all over the world.

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Apple Pay,
every day.

Cash? No thanks! Connect your cards to Apple Pay and make secure purchases in stores and on the web.

Activating buddybank cards for Apple Pay is easy! Enter the cards section within the app and click on configure; you will be taken to the Wallet where you can register your cards. Once set, simply place your iPhone within a few centimeters of the contactless reader and you're done!

(And if you really insist)

Withdraw cash
wherever you want.

With no commissions from all UniCredit Group ATMs across the globe, and there are plenty of them!

Pretty cool, huh?

Remember a buddybank current account is a zero-fee account!

Not enough?

Then check out our buddybank love (module), which also includes your credit card fee, commissions on instant and recurring credit transfers, as well as the Lifestyle Concierge by Quintessentially!