• How can I top up
    my buddybank account?

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    You can make deposits into your account through a simple bank transfer (you can find your IBAN code by tapping on your Profile) or by using the UniCredit advanced ATMs to deposit cash and cheques.

    Advanced ATM:

    these are the new, self-service ATMs you can use to deposit cash and checks.

    Find ATM:

    you can find the closest ATM to you at this link or by tapping on Find ATM in the app.

    How long will a payment or transfer take to arrive?

    SEPA bank transfers from other banks should arrive within 2 working days.


    SEPA bank transfers and all deposit and withdrawals from UniCredit ATMs are free.

  • And when will my debit card arrive?

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    We’ll take care of everything: you will receive your card by GLS courier within 3 working days after you open your account.

    Existing UniCredit customers or former UniCredit customers:

    after opening your account, make sure your address is updated with the concierge.

    To activate your card, open the App and go to the Cards section


    you’ll find it in the App. Tap on Cards, then on the card image and select "View PIN".

    personalize your pin:

    in all the UniCredit advanced ATMs.
    Your first PIN change is always free.

    use apple pay:

    activate the card, go to Wallet and add the buddybank card. To find out more about using Wallet on your iPhone click here.

  • Where can I find my account balance?

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    Your balance is visible on the first page at the top centre. The amount is deliberately blurred for your privacy.

    To view your balance, tap the amount.

  • What does Buddybank Love offer?

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    If you want to try buddybank to the max there is buddybank Love at €9.90/month*.

    24/7 personalized support service for your lifestyle needs.

    World Elite credit card included, no fee.

    Instant transfers included, no commission.

    Direct debit of Telepass invoices from your current account included, without commission.

    Free access to airport lounges:

    the World Elite credit card gives you access to over 1,000 VIP lounges in airports all over the world, including the person flying with you. Check out the Mastercard Airport Experience program at this link.

    *Love fee charge: by activating the Love module before the 15th of the month you will be charged the full monthly cost of €9.90. Alternatively, if you switch to Love after the 15th, the fee for the first month will be €4.95. The fee is charged on the first day of the following month

  • Credit card or debit card, what are the most important differences?

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    Debit card:

    this card will be sent to you when you open your account. It is an international debit card on the Mastercard circuit, based on the balance of your current account, but it can also be used for online payments, in complete security. The debit card is free.

    Credit card:

    this card is a credit line granted by the bank and receiving one is subject to the preliminary credit assessment. The card has a limit you can choose when you apply.

    The credit card lets you pay the transactions made in the month by instalments, set the card to revolving mode or choose to postpone the charge to the 27th of the month. For further clarification, press B and contact the Concierge. We will help you choose the best solution to pay any expenses.

  • How do I apply for a credit card?

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    To request a credit card, you need to provide a document that certifies your monthly income (e.g. pay check, individual tax return). In the case of a fixed-term employment contract you will have to send us the contract with your employer.

    To start the application process open the App, tap on Cards and follow the instructions.

    To improve the likelihood of your application being approved, we advise you to choose a monthly card limit in line with your personal income.

    It will take a few days for our credit office to evaluate your application. As soon as we receive the results, we will notify you.

    If you request the card outside of the Love module, there are annual costs. View the cost information at this link